Rural Highway Drainage

Highway Surface Water Drainage - Typical Rural Situation

A highway grip is a shallow ditch connecting the road edge to the roadside ditch. Its purpose is to drain rain water from the highway into the roadside ditch.


A roadside ditch was generally dug to define the edge of the adjacent land when it was enclosed. The soil was deposited on the adjacent land and often created a bank on which hedgerows or fences were established.

Roadside Ditch

Responsibility: typically the adjacent landowner.

A watercourse is a river, stream or ditch through which water flows.

Flood-water flowing towards river

Responsibility: typically the adjacent landowner.

A culvert is a large pipe or channel carrying water underground. Hampshire County Council is responsible for culverts and most of the bridges over watercourses that run under the Highway. There are exceptions where bridges are privately owned such as those managed by British Waterways.

Replacement for flood-damaged bridge.