Highway Maintenance

Highway Structures Policy

10. Works To Highways Over Or Under Structures

10.1 General

Where work is proposed involving:

  • alteration of existing levels of carriageway, footway or verges;

  • realigning or widening of carriageway; or

  • laying of statutory undertakers’ apparatus or surface water drains;

the requirements as set out below shall apply.

10.2 Structures carrying highways

10.2.1 Vested in County Council

Details of proposed work at bridges shall be submitted to the Bridge Client for approval. The nature and extent of the work including any alterations in level must be indicated together with existing heights of bridge parapets and the weight and location of plant proposed to be used. A dimensioned cross section of the highway at the bridge should always be included. Work must not be started without agreement of the Bridge Client.

10.2.2 Vested in Railtrack Plc or Rail Property Plc

Chief Engineers – Highway Units shall notify Railtrack Plc or Rail Property Plc as appropriate of proposed works affecting their structures.

The requirements of Railtrack Plc or Rail Property Plc shall normally be complied with except where considered unreasonable, in which case reference should be made to the Chief Bridge Engineer for consideration and advice.

10.2.3 Otherwise Privately owned

The procedure will be as in 10.2.2 above, except that the negotiations are with the owner of the bridge.

10.3 Bridges Spanning Highways

10.3.1 When resurfacing carriageways under structures the headroom at all critical points shall be measured and recorded, both before and after the work is done and the Bridge Client informed. Standard minimum headroom should be maintained except for indicated ‘low’ headroom structures (see para 16). Any necessary reduction in the indicated headroom of low headroom structures must be made without delay.

Records of original and new measured headroom shall be sent to the Chief Assistant, Traffic Management and Road Safety.

10.3.2 Where more significant works are proposed, eg carriageway widening or realignment, the procedures will be as in paras 10.2.1 – 3.

Version No:   1.0

Effective:   From - 21/04/2004

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