Highway Maintenance

Highway Structures Policy

13. Maintenance Of Railway Bridges

13.1 Railway bridges carrying railway tracks

Generally these bridges are vested in and are maintained by Railtrack Plc, the exceptions being the bridges on the "Watercress Line" between Alresford and Alton where the bridges are owned and maintained by the Mid Hants Railway Company (MHRC). In one or two cases, the maintenance costs incurred by Railtrack Plc are rechargeable to the County Council.

There will be no routine inspection of Railtrack Plc bridges by County or District staff but MHRC bridges shall be treated as Private bridges for inspections. (See 4.3.2.).

13.2 Railway bridges carrying County Roads

These come within one of the following categories:

  • Bridge vested in and maintained by Railtrack Plc

  • Bridge vested in the County Council and maintained by Railtrack Plc as the County Council’s agent

  • Bridge vested in and maintained by the County Council

  • Bridge vested in and maintained by the Mid Hants Railway Company. (Treated as private bridge – see 4.3.2.).

Bridges in categories 13.2 (a) and (b) are not routinely inspected by County personnel.

14. Maintenance Of Road Surfaces Over Railway Bridges

By virtue of Section 116 of the Transport Act 1968, highway surfaces over railway bridges are maintained at public expense by the Highway Authority.

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