Highway Maintenance

Highway Structures Policy

9. Statutory Undertakers’ Apparatus

9.1 A Statutory Undertaker intending to carry out work affecting bridges is required to submit a preliminary consultation form to the Bridge Client a minimum of seven days prior to the issue of a formal notice. The bridge Client shall respond within three working days of receipt of the preliminary notice.

9.2 The formal notice (Form N) is submitted by the SU to the Highway Unit. If the notice does not confirm agreement following preliminary consultations, the Chief Engineer – Highway Unit shall obtain the Bridge Client’s comments before acceptance and entry to the Streetwork Register.

9.3 Work done on, under or adjacent to Highway Structures by Statutory Undertakers (or their Contractors) shall always be inspected by Highway Unit staff to ensure that damage to the structure and/or any waterproofing membrane is avoided. Where the opportunity occurs advantage should be taken to examine elements of the structure that are exposed in the course of the Works and any defects reported to the Bridge Client.

Version No:   1.0

Effective:   From - 21/04/2004

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