Highway Maintenance

Street Lighting standards of service

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Most of Hampshire’s street lights are now checked by a computerised monitoring system called Mayflower. The system automatically checks each light every night and reports any faults directly to our PFI Service Provider, SSE Lighting Services.

For those units not under “Mayflower” control, night inspections are completed approximately every 14 days in the Winter and every 28 days in Summer.

Not withstanding the above mentioned night inspections the County Council aims to deal with faults promptly and within the following response times:

  • Normal faults: attend site within three business days and repair or report more extensive repair or supply cable fault. In these cases repairs may take an additional 10 to 25 days to correct.

  • Where there is an electricity supply fault, which is the responsibility of Scottish and Southern Energy plc, the repair of these faults may take an additional 10 to15 days to correct.

The County Council also complete the following operations to keep all street lights and illuminated signs fully operational and electrically safe:

Planned maintenance cleaning and visual checks

Every 24 months we carry out a visual, electrical, structural and mechanical inspection to make sure that the lights are in safe working order as well as cleaning the lantern.

Illuminated traffic bollards

Bollards are cleaned three times each year during the winter months.

Lamp replacement

Lamps are generally replaced on block, every two or four years, depending on the type of lamp.