Highway Maintenance

Control of weeds on the highway

Hampshire County Council's policy of weed management is one of control, not eradication.

  • Treatment of all urban footways, channels and kerb lines

  • Treatment of selected rural footpaths and channels.

  • Removal of ragwort from the public highway if it is like to endanger livestock

Frequency of verge cutting in rural areas

Weed control treatments happen twice a year usually in May and October. It will normally take 6-8 weeks to treat all of tthe sites in Hampshire.

Other responsibilities

  • District/borough councils treat areas around name plates, street lights, sign posts and other street furniture.

  • Non-highway public areas such as public open spaces and recreation grounds are the responsibility of the district/borough councils. Maintenance of grass, shrubs and trees in these areas is carried out by the district/borough councils.

  • Verge maintenance on Motorways and Trunk Roads and on any road in Southampton and Portsmouth is not Hampshire County Council’s responsibility.