Highway Maintenance

Trees near roads

Details about tree maintenance responsibilities

  • The maintenance of roadside trees and shrubs which stand within land owned by (or dedicated to) Hampshire County Council is the responsibility of the County Council.
  • Some highway trees are managed by the District or Borough Councils (acting as our agents). These are Rushmoor Borough Council, Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council (town area only), Gosport Borough Council, and Eastleigh Borough Council.
  • Portsmouth City Council and Southampton City Council also manage their own highway trees.
  • The County Council's principal concern with roadside trees and shrubs is road safety.
  • Inspection of trees is carried out to identify trees that are a potential hazard to the highway and other property or structures.
  • Trees standing within the limits of the highway that give cause for concern are first inspected by the local highways office and then referred to our tree specialists (Arboriculture team) if required.
  • Trees outside of the highway which give cause for concern are the responsibility of the owner or occupier of the land and the local Hampshire Highways Office may give notice to take the necessary action. If necessary, further advice is sought from the Arboricultural Officer prior to contacting the tree owner.
  • The standard target for vegetation clearance on A and B roads is 5.3m over the carriageway, 1m behind the edge of the carriageway, 3m over the footway and 500mm behind the back edge of the footway.  Clearances on other roads reflects the type of traffic and road use.

Shrub Maintenance

  • Shrubs which are maintained by HCC may require periodic cutting to preserve visibility or free passage.  In all cases no more than the minimum work required to preserve public safety or to prevent nuisance will be carried out.