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To make the administration as easy as possible for the streets ahead programme, you can now complete your authorisation form, and the certificate request form online.

Simply click submit after completion, and the information will be sent to us, the Road Safety Team for processing.

Authorisation Form:

The Instructor Details need to be completed for each instructor training the children, the date and time of the training just needs to be specified as AM or PM.

To access the form, please follow this link.

What happens next:

  • After submitting, the form is sent to the Road Safety Team for processing.

  • The course will be authorised, subject to the CRB status of the trainers, and a copy of the authorisation paperwork along with the workbooks and pencils sent out to the school usually via the school courier.

Certificate Request Form:

Once the training has been completed, you need to request the certificates for the children. Complete the form by following the link below, submit and the certificates will be processed and sent out to you as soon as possible, they will normally be dispatched via the courier.

To access the form, please follow this link.

Should you have any problems with either of the forms, please print and send us the information via any of the following methods:


Fax    01962 845874

Post     Road Safety, Economy, Transport and Environment Department, Capital House, 48 – 52 Andover Road, Winchester, Hampshire, SO23 7BH

Any questions, please email or call 01962 832209.

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