Rights of Way

About the Maps

This data shows the location and status of paths shown on Hampshire's definitive map of public rights of way, the rights of way information is regularly updated to show changes to the network. The rights of way are shown in purple, green, brown and a broken line green. More about the types of right of way.

What the data doesn’t show

The definitive map does not record pavements, some paths in urban areas, and rights of way in Southampton and Portsmouth. Rights of way may exist which are not  shown on the definitive map. The fact that a path does not appear on these maps does not necessarily mean that it is not a public path.

How accurate is the data?

The only legal record of the County's rights of way is the definitive map which is held at Winchester. The internet maps are an interpretation of that definitive map, as subsequently amended by various legal orders. If you need to check the legal record to know the exact route of a right of way, or its status, you should make a search through the rights of way office. Reliance should not be placed on this data for legal or commercial purposes.

The rights of way have been drawn on  maps at a scale of 1:10,000. Enlarging the maps will not increase their accuracy.

Please contact us if you think that a right of way is shown incorrectly. However, please bear in mind that the maps are intended to show the legal route of rights of way, which may not always be the same as the used routes.


About the Data

The data has been published as Open Data under the Ordnance Survey Open Data Licence. Please refer to it to see how the data can be used

If you have any queries contact us.