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What is Safeguarding?

Safeguarding is about more than child protection. Child protection is specifically about protecting children and young people from suspected abuse and neglect. Safeguarding is much wider than that. It includes everything an organisation can do to keep children and young people safe, including minimising the risk of harm and accidents and taking action to tackle safety concerns.  

Safeguarding is also about being able to respond quickly and appropriately to concerns or allegations brought to the organisation, which means having the right policies and procedures in place to deal with difficult situations if they arise.

Hampshire Safeguarding Children Board provides relevant up to date information, National Guidance and a range of resources and training in safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people.

Lead Practitioner: Safeguarding Support Groups

The name of the Child Protection Officer has now been changed to Lead Practitioner: Safeguarding. The aim of these support groups is to provide Lead Practitioners: Safeguarding with a forum in order to develop their role as a setting leader for safeguarding children. They will be held in each area during the autumn, spring and summer terms.

This event is open to all Lead Practitioners (Safeguarding) in early years education settings, private, voluntary or independent sectors, maintained nursery provisions and EYE childminders.

(Year R staff can also attend this event for a small fee. Please contact your local SfYC office to book a place.)

Please note: booking is by Eventbrite. Please check the details that are published in the Services for Young Children Blog Bulletins

Previous briefings can be found for reference on the SfYC Moodle

What you should do if you think a child is being abused:

Childcare and Early Years settings can use the Early Years Incident online form to report notifications to Ofsted.

Should there be any problems with the online form settings send an email to with their EY number in the subject line.

Hampshire Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH)

MASH provides triage and multi-agency assessment of safeguarding concerns - in respect of vulnerable children and adults. It brings together professionals from a range of agencies into an integrated multi-agency team.       

Contact details and access to the ‘Inter Agency Referral Form’

Healthcare Needs and Critical Incidents Guidance  Download Adobe Reader to view this PDF 473kB

This pack is designed to support settings in dealing with sad or traumatic events that can occur within the life of a setting.

The pack has two purposes and is in two sections. The first section helps settings to prevent such incidents by supporting their preparation to receive, and their ongoing care of children who have additional needs or specific medical conditions. The second section recognises that sometimes sad or traumatic events or critical incidents can occur that are outside our control. This section aims to support settings in being prepared to cope in such circumstances and to be secure about protocols to follow.