Road Safety

School crossing patrols

The school crossing patrol service is responsible for approximately 270 patrol sites in Hampshire.

This area excludes the cities of Southampton and Portsmouth.

Legal powers

Drivers should be aware that school crossing patrols have legal powers. Failure to stop for a school crossing patrol is an offence under the Road Traffic Act 1984. Drivers can face a £1,000 fine, 3 penalty points on their licence and possible disqualification for non-compliance.

In January 2001 the law was changed to give school crossing patrols the power to help anyone across the road, not just children.

School crossing patrol vacancies?

When possible, the County Council will recruit a permanent patrol and a relief to cover any absences. In some areas it is very difficult to find anyone willing and able to undertake the role despite advertising the position in a variety of ways.

Please view all our School crossing patrol vacancies with Hampshire County Council

What happens when a patrol is not available for duty

If the patrol cannot be on duty and no relief is available, the County Council gives advance warning to schools where possible. It should be noted that parents retain responsibility for their children whether a patrol is available or not. It's also worth appreciating that local authorities have the option of providing a school crossing patrol service if they wish, but it is not a legal requirement.

School Crossing Patrol leaflet

  • SCP leaflet

    Hampshire County Council's School Crossing Patrol Service have produced a leaflet to advise drivers and pedestrians about using one of their SCP sites. All schools have been sent the leaflet to hand out to pupils however you can also download the leaflet.


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