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Marlborough Infant School

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  • School address

    Marlborough Infant School
    Redvers Buller Road
    GU11 2HR

    Tel: 01252 323910

    Headteacher: Mr David England (Temporary Head)

    About the school

    Type of school: Infant and first year junior

    DfE No.: 2516

    School status: Community

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Applications are considered in the priority order set out in the school’s admission policy for the year of admission, below:

If you would like to see a breakdown of offers of places for September 2016 by admissions criteria, or a report showing the number of appeals for each school, please contact 0845 603 5623.

  • Year R applications in September 2017

    Published admission number for September 2017: 42

    Apply online for a place in Year R in September 2017.

  • In-year applications

    Apply now for a place at this school.

For further general information about admissions please see Hampshire County Council's admissions pages.

Recent years' Spring census data

Year 2018 2017 2016
Year R 26 52 40
Year 1 36 39 39
Year 2 29 37 38
Year 3 13 20 16
Total 104 148 133

A breakdown of offers of places for September 2016 and a list of appeals heard and the outcomes for each school are available on the online Schools Details pages. If you would like a print version, please contact 0845 603 5623 to request these.

Linked schools

The term 'linked' is used to indicate schools with a close association to each other. Linked schools are not 'feeder' schools and attendance at a linked school does not guarantee a place. However, for admission to community secondary schools, out-of-catchment applicants attending a linked primary or junior school have priority, after those with siblings, over other out-of-catchment applicants. Please check the school's admission policy (see link above) for details.