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Haselworth Primary School

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Area: Eastern

District council: Gosport

Courier Route: CC13

Admissions team


Tel: 0300 555 1377

HIAS Local Office

Clarendon House
Monarch Way
SO22 5PW

Tel : 01962 876207

County Education Manager: David Hardcastle

SEN Team

Team: F & G

Tel: 01962 845315



Applications are considered in the priority order set out in the school’s admission policy for the year of admission, below:

School admission policies

  • Year R applications in September 2017

    Published admission number for September 2017: 20

    Apply online for a place in Year R in September 2017.

  • In-year applications

    Apply now for a place at this school.

For further general information about admissions please see Hampshire County Council's admissions pages.

Recent years' Spring census data

Year 2017 2016 2015
Year R 20 19 15
Year 1 20 15 15
Year 2 15 13 28
Year 3 16 24 13
Year 4 25 14 17
Year 5 13 21 18
Year 6 20 17 17
Total 129 123 123

View a breakdown of offered places for September 2016 by admissions criteria. Please note that this is no guarantee that the pattern of offers will be repeated in September 2017.

Hampshire County Council School Places Plan

Linked schools

The term 'linked' is used to indicate schools with a close association to each other. Linked schools are not 'feeder' schools and attendance at a linked school does not guarantee a place. However, for admission to community secondary schools, out-of-catchment applicants attending a linked primary or junior school have priority, after those with siblings, over other out-of-catchment applicants. Please check the school's admission policy (see link above) for details.

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Constitution (the number of each type of governor the school should have)

Governor type Number of governors
Co-opted 7
Head Teacher 1
Local Authority 1
Parent 2
Staff 1
Total 12

School Governors

Representation Name of governor End date Role
Co-opted Mrs Nicola Cameron 26 Feb 2020  
  Mrs Katy McFaul 26 Sep 2021  
  Doctor Christopher Roast 27 Jan 2019 Vice Chair
  Mrs Aimie Williams 27 Jan 2019 Chair
  Mr Nigel Williams 27 Jan 2019  
Head Teacher Mrs Emma Steele   Head Teacher
Local Authority Mr Philip Bleckly 21 Mar 2021  
Parent Miss Kate Powell 26 Sep 2021  
  Mrs Deborah Stevenson 28 Sep 2020  
Staff Mrs Sian Hosmer 6 Dec 2021  


How can I share transport to school?

You could try searching on Hants Car Share

What can be done to improve safety and travel to this school?

The school has taken ownership of travel issues and is keen to implement measures to address and resolve them

How can I get to this school by public transport, and how long will it take?

You can find impartial information on planning your journey by bus, coach or train including time and distance from Traveline South West

What storage is available for cycles at this school?

School shed can be used to store bicycles.

Where can I find more information about travel to school?

You can visit our travel to school pages which include an interactive route planner.


School catchment area

If you live near the catchment boundary please double check the catchment school for your address. You will need the post code.