Overview and Scrutiny

Joint Review of Therapy given to disabled children

Review Details

This review is now complete


That a strategy is jointly developed between the key stakeholders (NHS commissioners, CS, Schools and Therapy providers) to deliver a sustainable, fair and transparent model of high quality, integrated therapy support in all parts of the county.

That no parent should be disadvantaged by their social context or ability to negotiate the ‘system’, therefore it is recommended that effective support should be offered to all parents to help resolve concerns about their children and their education;

That urgent consideration should be given to ensuring that each parent of a child identified with special educational needs, is allocated a named lead professional who will help the parent understand and access the system when needed, and will ensure appropriate, timely responses are provided.


In 2009 Hampshire had approximately 4,785 pupils who have statements of special educational need out of a total pupil population of  about 184,500 pupils (DCSF statistics).  A significant proportion of children with statements of special educational need will require therapy in support of their educational needs at some point or points in their schooling.  It should also be noted that there are about 30,000 other children with special needs at ‘school action’ and ‘action plus’.

This review has now been completed. The final report of findings and recommendations was agreed by the review group in May 2010.

This review follows on the heels of two previous reviews of therapy provision, the first undertaken in 2004/5 and the second, an independent review commissioned by NHS Hampshire, in 2008.  The Panel decided that this review should build on, rather than repeat previous work and attempt to identify the issues that have stood in the way of progress, and identify, where possible, practice and approaches that could form essential strands in addressing concerns and issues identified in the 2008 review.  This review therefore, accepts the 2008 conclusions and recommendations as a foundation on which progress can be built.



Documents can be requested in alternative versions (such as large print, braille or audio) or in alternative languages by phoning 01962 845751 or emailing members.services@hants.gov.uk

Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference Download Acrobat Reader to view this PDF 28kb explain the background and scope of the review.

The purpose of the review is to:

1. Ascertain what are the key issues and difficulties that appear to prevent progress being made in addressing issues of therapy provision identified in the independent therapy review of 2008. 2. To attempt to identify through listening to, and learning from key stakeholders what practical steps or approaches might have merit in overcoming the main areas of difficulty. 3. To make recommendations that have potential to support practical and sustainable delivery of equitable provision of therapy across all parts of Hampshire that is well integrated with education of children with special educational needs.

Scoping Documents

The Phase 1 - Scoping Document Download Acrobat Reader to view this PDF 57kb and Phase 2 - Scoping Document Download Acrobat Reader to view this PDF 37kb describe in greater detail the reasons behind the review, what the review intends to cover and how.


Panel Members

Councillor. C Bailey

Councillor. B Collin

Councillor. L Fairhurst

Councillor. R Kimber

Councillor. A McNair Scott (Chairman)

Councillor. P Mutton

Sally Dace (co-opted member)

Councillor. D Simpson

Councillor. P West


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This scrutiny review has now finished taking evidence, but if you wish to make comment please telephone the Scrutiny Team on 01962 845751, email members.services@hants.gov.uk or find out how you can get involved in Scrutiny.