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Caretaking Support Service

“Very useful service for headteachers and governors. They create excellent reports/action plans for site managers.”

Man doing minor repairs

Our advisory service gives practical support, advice and help to schools on the efficient organisation of site management, caretaking and cleaning.

  • Service features

    • Full support of a named officer for individual and site-specific advice on all the services available.

    • Programmed visits and other visits as required for a specific issue or purpose.

    • Evaluation of the site management, caretaking and cleaning roles, including responsibilities for health and safety, site security and cleaning standards.

    • Online caretaker manual which incorporates cleaning tasks, best practice and health and safety guidance.

    • Database to provide accurate information on the size, use and nature of any buildings on your site, including a site plan.

    • Full support in the appointment process for site managers/caretakers.

    • An extensive and increasing range of training courses.

    • Advice on the organisation of caretaking and cleaning, including staffing levels, assessment of workload and shift patterns.

    • Full support in the tendering process for contract cleaning, including preparation of site specific plans and specifications, pre-tender site visits and evaluation of bids.

    • Advice on the selection and purchase of equipment and environmentally friendly products.

    • Assistance in emergency situations, such as minor floods and fire.

  • Benefits to schools

    • Direct access to a dedicated support officer.

    • Cost and time savings through avoidance of use of external consultants/advisers.

    • Confidence of delivery through trained and experienced officers.

    • Many free and low-cost training courses.

    • Not-for-profit organisation driven to provide best value outcomes for the public sector.

    • Competitive fee rates with private sector organisations.

    • In-depth knowledge of the education sector.

    • Support in employment of caretaking staff from selection to retirement.

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