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Catering Service (HC3S)

“We used to cater ourselves, but when our catering fell over HC3S came to the rescue. The manager we have here is fantastic.”


We provide a range of high quality catering services across the whole school day for pupils, staff and community users. We ensure our menus meet the government's nutritional guidelines, and to help us comply with these guidelines, we use a dietician based at the Royal Hampshire County Hospital, Winchester and also a nutritional computer package to assist us when planning our menus.

  • Service features

    • School lunch service.

    • Mid-morning break service.

    • Breakfast service.

    • After school service.

    • Catering for community use in schools.

    • Hospitality catering.

    • Training day catering.

    • Theme days.

    • Cashless catering.

  • Benefits to schools

    • Largest educational catering supplier in Hampshire.

    • Driven by service excellence.

    • Bespoke services for individual schools.

    • Real focus on the use of local food.

    • More then just a catering service - healthy eating focus for school with assemblies, talks and activities.

    • A not-for-profit service.

    • Transparent accounting.

    • Always striving to increase the number of young people using the school catering services.

  • Contact


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