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Catering Services (HC3S) – Catering Support


We provide catering support services for schools, including arranging the servicing of catering equipment and a free school meals checking service.

  • Service features

    • Annual servicing of catering equipment.

    • Audit of catering services.

    • Advice on catering services, equipment, health and safety legislation, food safety legislation and nutritional legislation.

    • Help with kitchen design.

    • Help schools register with the Food Premise Registration.

    • Advising and helping with any environmental health reports.

    • Provide advice and support on free meals eligibility, including the free school meal checking system.

  • Benefits to schools

    • Schools meet current legislation on food safety, food hygiene and nutritional legislation and provide a catering service within a safe environment.

    • We provide advice to schools to ensure the most appropriate catering equipment is purchased when the need arises.

    • Free school meal checking system takes away the need for a school to ask parents to demonstrate they are eligible.

    • Food hygiene training Level 1 and 2.

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