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Corporate Procurement and County Supplies

“This is excellent. It sources the cheapest supplies, will turn round orders very quickly and will deliver swiftly.”

Chairs and pens

We know that keeping on top of the services and products you need to run your school can be time consuming. Our procurement and supply service makes buying easy for you, freeing up your time and money so that you can concentrate on delivering the best education for your pupils.

We understand that you need to be mindful of how you spend your money, ensuring transparency. With years of experience in the education sector, and purchasing over £100 million worth of goods and services for schools and local authorities each year, we can offer you the expert and money-saving advice you need, together with the peace of mind that you are meeting all your legal and social obligations.

  • Service features

    Specialist procurement

    • Professional and ethical procurement advice and guidance.

    • Choice of a wide range of services including catering, energy, transport, property management, design and print.

    • Guidance on school led tendering and contracting.

    • Assistance with hiring and leasing arrangements.

    • Smooth transition of contracts during the Academy conversion process.

    • Individual sourcing of suppliers and quotes for specific projects.

    • Contracting Direct online catalogue.

    Regular Supplies

    • Over 3,200 educational and office products in stock, that comply with Health and Safety regulations, including COSHH.

    • Regular and scheduled deliveries direct to schools, with a rapid service for urgent requirements.

    • Order stock easily and simply online:

  • Benefits to schools

    • As a not-for-profit business, our advice is ethical and commercially impartial, keeping your best interests in mind.

    • Our specialist buyers are professionally qualified and have years of experience, providing you with expert procurement advice and guidance.

    • As a member of two major purchasing consortiums we have the purchasing power to negotiate highly competitive prices.

    • Peace of mind that all our products and services comply with English and Welsh contract law and European Union contract regulations.

    • We are socially responsible in all our procurement decisions considering issues such as sustainability, equalities, the local economy and health and safety.

    • We do not charge for the return of stock items.

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