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County Supplies and Procurement

“County Supplies save us so much money and offer us a fantastic service.”

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We know that keeping on top of the services and products you need to run your school can be time consuming. Our procurement and supply services make buying easy for you, freeing up your time and money so that you can concentrate on delivering the best education for your pupils.

We understand that you need to be mindful of how you spend your money, to ensure you achieve quality, compliance and value for money. With many years of experience in the education sector, our teams can offer you the expert guidance, advice and support you need to meet all your legal and social obligations.

  • Service features

    County Supplies

    • Stock - over 3000 educational and office products in stock
    • Ordering - easy online ordering at
    • Deliveries - regular scheduled deliveries, plus rapid service for urgent requirements
    • A wide range of products can be bought directly from our contracted suppliers, covering the following areas:
      • furniture
      • technology
      • stationery
      • hardware
      • food

    Infrastructure and Partnerships Procurement Team

    • Advice, guidance and support for procuring a range of services for schools, including:
      • Professional Services - temporary labour, consultancy, learning and development, financial services, market research
      • Information, Communication & Technology - IT hardware, software, licenses and communications technology
      • Infrastructure and Community - energy, water, grounds maintenance, catering, cleaning, postal services
    • Advice and Support - professional and ethical procurement guidance.
    • Academy Converters - smooth transition of contracts.
    • Contracting Direct - online contract catalogue,

    Children's Services Procurement & Commissioning Service

    • Procurement Health check - a full audit of your current spend and processes, benchmarking your costs against the marketplace.
    • Tendering and Contracting - commissioning and procurement of a range of services to ensure your procurement is fully compliant and value for money, including
      • pupil premium
      • after school provision
      • education and learning services
      • travel and trips
      • youth support services
      • outdoor activities
      • careers guidance
      • counselling services
    • Contract Management - we can undertake effective contract management, ensuring your contract delivers continuous quality of service and financial benefits.
  • Benefits to schools

    • As a not-for-profit business, our advice is ethical and commercially impartial, keeping your best interests in mind.
    • We aim to ensure all purchases of goods and services consider best value, quality and the right supplier.
    • Peace of mind, all products and service contracts are fully compliant.
    • Specialist contract officers and buyers offering expert procurement advice.
    • All procurement decisions include consideration of sustainability, equalities, the local economy and health and safety.
    • We'll run contracts that can save you time allowing you to focus on running your school and improving outcomes for children and young people.
  • Contact

    County Supplies

    01962 826999

    Infrastructure and Partnerships Procurement Team
    01962 826999

    Children's Services Procurement & Commissioning Service
    Suzanne Smith
    01962 847108


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