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Educational Psychology Service (HIEP)

Teacher with boy

We recognise that not every child’s learning journey is the same. We believe that every child should realise their potential, and we understand the challenges that children and their families may sometimes face. Our goal is to identify and overcome barriers to learning by assisting parents, carers and teachers to develop approaches for children with needs such as emotional and motivational issues, attention difficulties and ADHD, literacy difficulties (including dyslexia) and social communication difficulties (including autism).

  • Service features

    • Special educational needs (SEN) statutory work (Hampshire core activity).

    • Contact line (Hampshire core activity).

    • Support for critical incidents and sad events in schools (Hampshire core activity)

    • SEN coordinators circles

    • Advice and support in relation to learning and behaviour interventions.

    • Training and staff development.

    • Work with, and on behalf of, individual children and young people.

    • Collaborative problem-solving and consultation.

    • Individual supervision/coaching.

    • Research and evaluation.

    • Mediation.

  • Benefits to schools

    • We promote the social, emotional and learning development of children and young people and, in particular, better outcomes for vulnerable children.

    • We aim to develop the skills of staff in schools and other settings.

    • We work with individuals or groups of children, leading to a better understanding of their needs and more effectively targeted provision.

    • Our staff have a wide range of skills which can be targeted to specific activities.

    • We provide access to advice regarding the management of critical incidents and sad events.

    • We work with parents and carers to coordinate approaches across school or other settings and home.

    • We offer supervision for staff in schools and settings that contributes to their quality assurance.

    • We have excellent multi-agency links.

  • Contact


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