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Hampshire Transport Management (HTM)

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We offer a range of services, from advice and guidance to vehicle purchasing, leasing, short-term hire, fuel supply, vehicle maintenance (including MOT testing) and a courier service. Our team is highly experienced and commercially focused working within a not-for-profit and self-funding business unit, providing services to a wide range of customers.

  • Service features

    • The supply of vehicles to education, social care, local government, voluntary and community organisations. These vehicles can be supplied as purchase only, or on a contract hire basis that includes maintenance.

    • Our courier service visits 528 schools throughout Hampshire, collecting and delivering mail and packages.

    • We operate five vehicle maintenance workshops covering the whole of Hampshire. The workshops are staffed by qualified vehicle technicians and are equipped with the most up-to-date diagnostic equipment.

    • HTM has contracts with local companies for the supply of mini buses, cars and vans on a short-term hire basis at preferred rates. We can book and have a vehicle delivered to any location throughout Hampshire.

    • HTM has five fuel sites throughout Hampshire that operate on a key access system, with invoices sent out on a monthly basis.

  • Benefits to schools

    • All our products and services have been purchased or contracted to meet European Union and national procurement legislation and the County Council’s own Contract Standing Orders.

    • As a member of two major purchasing consortiums, Central Buying Consortium and Pro5, we have massive purchasing power to negotiate highly competitive prices.

    • Our procurement decisions include consideration of social responsibility issues, including sustainability, equalities, the local economy and health and safety.

    • We have many years of experience in the specification of vehicles, which we will use to ensure the correct vehicle is supplied to meet your requirements and all legislation.

    • Being a not-for-profit organisation, all of our labour rates are very competitive which can save on vehicle maintenance costs.

    • Our MOT bays are covered by the Trading Standards ‘Buy with Confidence’ scheme.

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