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Outdoor Education, PE and DofE

“We buy in because it gives us a massive peace of mind to know how much support is behind us should anything go wrong on a trip. We can also access the most up to date advice and guidance from people with far more experience than us.”
Children at pond

We know that offering children and young people the opportunity to learn outside the classroom enriches their learning experience. We support the delivery of high-quality and safely managed outdoor education, PE, sport and the Duke of Edinburgh's Award activities. Our scope covers off-site activities, educational visits, outdoor learning, PE and sport in schools and the wider community, and licenced Duke of Edinburgh's Award activities.

These powerful tools for teaching and learning enable teachers and students to engage in novel, exciting and experiential work which leads to high levels of academic attainment, personal development and the ability to face challenges and manage risk. These activities can effectively lay the groundwork for the rest of a young person’s life, enabling them to become successful learners both in school and afterwards.

  • Service features

    • A service that is recognised widely for its range, quality and expertise.

    • Regulatory, legal and employer support and advice on current and best practice, insurance and indemnification.

    • Provision of effective approval structures via the EVOLVE system for educational visits and sporting activity, and outdoor and PE and sport providers.

    • Monitoring and inspection of the safety management systems of providers, activity centres and instructors.

    • Direct support to key personnel, including heads of establishments, heads of department, curriculum leaders, educational visit coordinators, and Trailblazer managers.

    • Essential checks of third party providers to ensure minimum risk management requirements (e.g. DBS, appropriate levels of training, AALS licenses) in place.

    • Access to a comprehensive outdoor learning and training programme, DofE training and PE safety management courses, as well as those via local sports partnerships.

    • Bespoke services including legal and litigation support, investigation, report writing, response to challenges, response to specific circumstances i.e. incidents, inclusion and behaviour.

    • Promoting consistent high-quality management, including monitoring, reviewing and ‘health checks’ of establishments, systems or policies.

    • Promoting high-quality learning, through professional consultancy regarding teaching, learning and operational practice.

  • Benefits to schools

    • Ensuring the safety and security of your children and young people through recognised and effective safety management systems.

    • Ensuring good management, high-quality learning and personal development.

    • Offering access to recognised, effective and high-quality training and support.

    • Confidence and peace of mind whilst staff are leading off site and educational visits.

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