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Property Services

"We have undergone a series of projects and I cannot praise the staff involved enough. They have provided a totally professional service and are very meticulous in their work. The team has been superb, demonstrating highly effective cooperation and accommodating manner and ability to resolve conflict with contractors has made this a painless process/experience."

Hampshire School

We provide the education sector with a wide range of property related services, comprehensive advice and sustainable solutions. Our service gives access to associated professional support and carefully selected and vetted contractors.

  • Service features

    Property Management and Maintenance Services

    • Repair and maintenance.

    • External and internal redecoration.

    • Ground management.

    • Energy, carbon and water management.

    • Disaster recovery solutions.

    • Modular buildings.

    • Projects.

    • SLA for all Hampshire schools.

    • Caretaking support.

    Integrated Design Services

    • Architectural design.

    • Interior design.

    • Landscape strategy and design.

    • Historic buildings and conservation.

    • Planning advice and submissions.

    • Building engineering design.

    • Project management.

    • Accessibility advice.

    • Health and Safety.

  • Benefits to schools

    • Nominated named surveyor for each school or academy.

    • Direct access to a range of well-established building related services.

    • Cost and time savings through avoidance of individual expensive procurement and tendering exercises.

    • A long-term and innovative approach to ‘whole-site planning’

    • Confidence of delivery through structured contract management arrangements and established supplier relationships.

    • Economies of scale and best value through joining larger programmes of work.

    • Efficiency savings through increased use of standard details and common supply chains.

    • Not-for-profit organisation driven to provide best value outcomes for the public sector.

    • Competitive fee rates with private sector organisations.

    • In-depth knowledge of education sector.

    • ‘One-stop-shop’ for all your property and asset needs.

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