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School Library Service (SLS)

“Because of a growing partnership with the School Library Service, pupils access a greater range of stimulating and appealing reading material. As a result, they are able to utilise a growing technical and subject-specific vocabulary more accurately to improve the quality of their writing.”

Extract from a Hampshire primary school Ofsted report, June 2016
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Our services help schools to develop their library services and resources to support the whole school curriculum and meet the learning and developmental needs of the individual. We provide access to a wide range of carefully selected resources, training and advisory services to enable schools to maximise the benefits of their own libraries for their pupils. Our resources support the delivery of the curriculum across all phases of education and encourage reading for pleasure.

  • Service features

    • Advice and support for the school in the development of the library or Learning Resource Centre (LRC).

    • IT advice and consultation on developing the library network to support learning.

    • Resources and support for initiatives in school to encourage reading and improve literacy levels.

    • Information skills support for the library to enhance independent and personalised learning.

    • Training and development opportunities for library and teaching staff.

    • Loan and exchange of resources that are targeted and up-to-date.

    • Information on current developments in library provision.

    • Competitive purchasing arrangements for resources.

  • Benefits to schools

    • Improve the quality of your learning resources.

    • Achieve high standards in literacy.

    • Develop independent learners.

    • Create a reading culture in school and cultivate lifelong reading habits.

    • Maximise the potential of library related IT, including eBooks, eResources and the school’s library management programme.

    • Save money through the provision of targeted resources, which can be exchanged to ensure relevance to a changing curriculum.

    • Save staff time when schools make use of our professional expertise or practical assistance in the library.

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