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About us

Sport Hampshire & IOW (SHIOW) is one of 44 County Sports Partnerships in England, committed to increasing levels of participation in sport and physical activity. Our vision is, 'Inspiring more people, to be more active, more often' and we plan to achieve this through our four strategic aims:

  1. To inspire and sustain greater participation in sport and physical activity.
  2. To make the case for sport and physical activity, building the evidence base, advocating its benefits and providing the right information to inspire people to be active.
  3. To support activity at all levels through the development of a quality workforce:coaches, instructors, leaders, volunteers, teachers, officials and administrators.
  4. To plan strategically and provide a range of high quality, active environments and appropriate facilities supporting introductory activities, participation and performance sport.

As a Partnership, Sport Hampshire & IOW is hosted by Hampshire County Council and works with a range of organisations to increase sports and physical activity participation. Our Partners include Local & Unitary authorities, National Governing Bodies of Sport, School Sports Partnerships (including FE/HE), Sport England, English Federation of Disability Sport, sports coach UK and Youth Sports Trust, as well as the Department of Health and local NHS organisations.

The work of the Partnership is informed by research conducted by various organisations, including Sport England's Active People research.

Our work extends beyond that of traditional sports. A Joint Strategic Framework and Action Plan explains how health partners and SHIOW are adopting a multi-stakeholder approach to increasing the proportion of adults and children undertaking regular physical activity and enjoying a greater sense of health and well being.

We are committed to equity in sport and our work is overseen by the Sport Hampshire & IOW Advisory Board.  We work with SPAAs - strategic Sport and Physical Activity Alliances of partners with an interest in sport and/or physical activity with the objective of raising participation levels locally. As a County Sport Partnership (CSP), we belong to the County Sport Partnership Network (CSPN).

More information on how we plan to 'Inspire more people, to be more active, more often' can be found in our 2013-17 Strategy  Download Adobe Reader to view this PDF 2MB and Annual Report  Download Adobe Reader to view this PDF 8MB for 2015-16.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board meets on a quartely basis to:

The Advisory Board members are:


Ex officio officers:

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