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The Community Amateur Sports Club Scheme (CASC)

The CASC scheme recognises the important role that sports clubs play by distinguishing between clubs and businesses for rates and tax purposes, ensuring money is kept in sports clubs.

Most not-for-profit sports clubs can apply for funding through CASC – provided that the sport is recognised by Sport England. Despite this, it has been reported that only 20% of all clubs eligible for the scheme have signed up – meaning that an estimated £60m is being lost by UK sports clubs.

Benefits include

  • 80% mandatory business rate relief
  • the ability to raise funds from individuals under Gift Aid
  • exemption from Corporation Tax on profits derived from trading activities (non members) where their trading income is under £30,000 pa.

Maximising Gift Aid is an effective way to increase club income, yet only 1 in 10 CASCs are currently utilising Gift Aid. Here are some ways to ensure that your club does not miss out on maximising its income through Gift Aid:

  • Junior membership fees: Junior membership fees can be set at a lower level and the difference made as a voluntary donation.
  • Volunteer expenses: Expenses, such as mileage, stationery etc incurred by volunteers are often foregone; such expenses can be claimed and then repaid back to the club as a donation under Gift Aid.
  • Sponsorship: Members who raise funds for the club by way of participating in activities such as running in marathons, sponsored swims or other similar fund raising can qualify in full for Gift Aid.

In all these cases the principle will only work if the CASC is prepared to take the risk of members paying less than anticipated and that there is appropriate documentation to support the donations received.

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) have developed an online toolkit that includes 12 help sheets to provide you with everything you need to claim gift aid.



Harry Stow
Sports Development Officer (Performance)
01962 676378