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Wheelchair Rugby

Wheelchair Rugby is a no-holds-barred contact sport full of speed and physical determintation, the reason why it earned the name 'murderball'.

The game is played on a basketball court measuring 28m by 15m with boundary lines, a centre line, centre circle, and two key areas. Two cones at either end of the court mark out a key area and goal line. A goal is scored when a player carries the ball across the goal line. Games are played over four, eight minute quarters and managed by two referees and four table officials.

In Wheelchair Rugby everybody has a vital role to play on the court. This is ensured using a classification system based on muscle function and strength. Classes range from 0.5 to 3.5, and a team of four players must total 8 points or less during play.
For further information on how to get involved in Wheelchair Rugby, visit Great Britain Wheelchair Rugby.

You can use their Club Finder tool to find a Wheelchair Rugby Club near you.
Wheelchair Rugby


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