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Playing a Bigger Game

Business & Sport

Date: 11/12/2012

Time: 17:00 - 19:30

Location: Ashburton Hall, Elizabeth II Court, Sussex Street, Winchester, SO23 8UL

Cost: Free

Sport Hampshire & IOW and the Hampshire County Council Economic Development Team are holding their first conference for Hampshire businesses to help them create healthier, happier and more productive workforces.

Evidence has shown that healthier workforces take less sick days, are more productive and enthusiastic about their work and, more importantly, are happy. Sport offers many workplaces the opportunity to improve the health of their workforce and engage employees in activities that are both fun and rewarding.

We will show how Sport Hampshire & IOW can help businesses create a more motivated, energetic, and creative team.

Playing a Bigger Game - sport and business are made for each other.

For more information or to book please contact Nicola Wright or call 01962 845163

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