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Brutal, Bordon Heaths

Date: 23/02/2013

Time: 10am

Location: Bordon Heaths

Cost: £16

The Bordon course is classic Brutal tough running. After just 400m of flat road it is into the first river crossing and a long steady climb to the sandy driver training area. This area has wet holes, mud and of course sand. Leaving the sand behind you there is a fast section of downhill before the climb starts again and another descent - this time straight into the swamp. It's like something from a wildlife documentary, you almost expect crocodiles and leeches (we didn't see any when testing the route).

For the next 3 kilometers you stay close to or in the mud but also in this section are some very steep but short climbs and the drinks point. The drinks point is close to the car park and will make a brilliant spectator area as it looks down into one of the swampiest swamps. The course continues with a flat fast section before a 100m section of river wading and then it's up the hill again and into the sand for the second lap.

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