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Workplace Challenge

A Healthier Workforce

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Workplace Challenge tasks you and your colleagues to get active around your working life.

The 2016 programme launched on 4 January with our national 8-week Activity Log Challenge. We are now ready for the second national Activity Log Challenge named the Shake up September!

Inspired by Rio 2016, workers across the county are being urged to sign up to Workplace Challenge for free and try at least five different sports throughout 'Shake Up September'. The more activities you log via the Workplace Challenge website or mobile app, the more points you will earn for your workplace as you go for gold on a national challenge leaderboard.

Sign up now and log all your activity throughout the month and encourage your colleagues to join you. We will also be running a number of Workplace tournaments which act as a great work social, so click here to see what is on offer.

WPC - Shake Up September

Refer A Friend

On your dashboard and profile page you'll find a 'refer a friend or colleague' button that allows you to send someone a personalised message and invitation to register.

On signing up people are asked 'How did you hear of the Workplace Challenge?'. If they select 'a friend' and enter your name then you could win a spot prize. But, your friend/colleague must log activity first!

About Workplace Challenge

Workplace Challenge is part of our 2012 legacy programme. It has been designed to inspire more people to take part in sport and to help local employers create a healthier, happier and more productive workforce. Our aim is to encourage people to be more active in and around their working day by making sure they have opportunities to take part in fun, low cost activities.

We will be running a series of events throughout the year to help you find out more about the programme but there is no need to wait; you can get involved as soon as you want to! Simply visit the website for more information.

Why take part?

People can spend up to 60 per cent of their waking hours at work and evidence shows that people who are more physically active are healthier and happier.This means people taking fewer sick days, being more motivated and being more productive at work. The figures speak for themselves:

  • It is estimated that sickness absence costs the local economy £0.5 billion a year
  • Research has shown that well designed wellbeing programmes can increase job satisfaction and reduce staff turnover by 10-25% which could save a company with 200 employees circa £22k per annum
  • Research shows that being more physically active can reduce sickness absence by up to 20 per cent. For a company with 200 employees this equates to a potential saving of circa £25k per annum.

In addition to saving money, having a healthier workforce also creates an improved working environment for everyone.

  • Reduced sickness
  • Higher productivity
  • Improved retention
  • Higher commitment
  • Improved resilience
  • Fewer accidents
  • Improved brand
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Harry Stow
Sports Development Officer (Performance)
01962 676378