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Sportivate is a National Lottery funded initiative that forms part of Sport England’s mass participation legacy programme, ‘Places, People, Play’. It plans to build on the excitement around major events such as the London 2012 Games to get teenagers ands young adults more active; offering them the chance to find a sport they enjoy and one that they can continue to take part in locally on a regular basis.

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Hampshire and the Isle of Wight has been awarded £1.18m Lottery funding for the initial four years of the programme (April 2011 to March 2015) with a target of retaining 11,000 young people in Sportivate activities and it is hoped that two out of every five participants will continue to take part regularly in sport.

So far 8,800 young people have taken part in sport across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight through Sportivate with 7,500 attending regularly and, at most, only missing one of their Sportivate sessions.

Year 5 Applications - Apply now

If you are seeking funding to deliver a Sportivate project in the period between 1 April 2015 and 31 March 2016 please complete a Sportivate Year 5 Funding Application Form (see How to apply) and submit to Penny Woods via email and/or post. A signed copy should be posted for the attention of Penny Woods, Sports Development Manager, Sport Hampshire & IOW, Hampshire County Council, Castle Avenue, Winchester SO23 8UL.

All applications are evaluated by our County Sportivate Assessment Panel, which comprises members of the Sport Hampshire & IOW Advisory Board.

We recommend that organisations submit their applications for funding at least two months in advance of their anticipated project start date i.e. in March if they are looking to start their Sportivate activity in June 2015, in April for July, etc.

We are still accepting Year 4 Applications for those looking to deliver activity between January and March so if you are interested in this please see the Sportivate Year 4 Funding Application Form.

Submission Deadlines

We have a monthly cycle in place for the submission and review of applications.

Submission Deadline:   Third Friday of every month

Evaluation by County Panel:  End of the month

Feedback to Applicants:  Within 5-10 days of the Panel meeting

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  • Projects must target people aged between 11 and 25 years who are ‘semi-sporty’; which means people who are not seeking out opportunities to take part in sport or those who are currently doing a very limited amount of sport.
  • Sportivate is a sports programme, although a broad definition of sport will be used. The important thing is that applicants can give evidence of demand - showing that local young people have identified the chosen sport as one they want to take part in - and that there is a clear exit route.
  • Each project should offer a series of 6 to 8 weekly coaching sessions and be able to show strong links with a local setting where participants can continue taking part in sport after the initial sessions have finished.
  • Running taster sessions can be an effective way of recruiting participants onto a 6-8 week Sportivate activity by helping to raise awareness and generate interest.
  • An event, competition or personal challenge for participants can be used either as part of each session or as the culmination of the project, which could be a way to help to encourage participants to continue taking part.
  • Sport England recommends that Sportivate funding should be used to subsidise coaching sessions and that a locally determined charge should be set to create sustainable activities that are affordable for participants, rather than activities being free of charge.
  • Where projects are only targeted at students and/or staff within a school, college or university the activity must be delivered by a community provider brought in to run it and must not be delivered in curriculum time or as part of a curriculum/academic course.
  • Projects cannot be activities that are already being provided. They must be new activities or must be able to show clear ‘added value’ i.e. how existing provision is being extended or expanded.
  • Grant funding cannot be awarded to projects that have already started or for equipment or items that have already been purchased. It is Sport England policy that no retrospective funding can be approved.


Sportivate funding can be used to cover the costs of delivering the activity such as coaching fees and travel expenses, facility hire, equipment and training. A list of eligible and ineligible project costs is set out in the Guidlines for Applicants.

Since Sportivate is Lottery funded there is a cap on the amount of funding that can be used towards the purchase equipment. This is set at a maximum of up to 20% of the total grant funding that is being requested.

Value for money will be one of the criteria against which applications are assessed. Applicants should give careful consideration to hourly coaching rates and proportional expenditure on items such as marketing, equipment and travel.


To apply for Sportivate funding you MUST:

  1. Read the Guidline for Applicants thoroughly.
  2. Discuss your project with the Sports Development Officer from your local council, with your National Governing Body Development Officer (County or Regional) and/or with Sport Hampshire & IOW.
  3. Complete a Sportivate Year 5 Funding Application Form in full, making sure you fill out both the Declaration Sheet and Project Sheet/s. Please make sure you read the instructions set out in the ‘Guidance’ tab as these explain clearly the information that needs to be included in each part of the application.

Year 5 (April 2015 to March 2016)

All funding awards are subject to final approval by Sport England

If your application is successful your organisation will be required to:

  • sign a funding agreement; confirming that you understand and agree to comply with all of the stated conditions of the grant award
  • complete a Child Protection Checklist; confirming that your organisation meets the minimum safeguarding criteria for the programme; see CPSU Safeguarding Support Toolkit for Sports Programmes for further safeguarding advice and guidance.
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Harry Stow
Project Officer (Sportivate)
01962 845189

Penny Woods
Sports Development Manager
01962 847531