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Ayesha McLelland - BMX Racer

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Ayesha McLelland is a 17 year old BMX racer from Gosport. She is ranked 2nd in the country number 1 in the South. Her targets for this year are to be ranked National number 1 and make the final in the Junior Women’s Class at the World Championships. She has been picked to carry the flame in the 2012 Olympic Torch Relay.

SHIOW: What has been your biggest challenge?

AM: It would have to be the try outs for the British Cycling Talent Team. I really wanted to make the team and we had two days to prove ourselves. Luckily I made the team so I was really pleased.

SHIOW: What is your favourite sporting moment?

AM: It was great to see Shanaze Reade winning the London Test Event because it proved that she could win on the same track as the one that’s going to be used for the London 2012 Games.

She is my sporting hero because she shows that it is not just boys who jump on a bike.

SHIOW: What advice would you give to aspiring athletes?

AM: Make sure you enjoy what you do and try not to take it to seriously.

SHIOW: What one piece of kit or equipment could you not live without?

AM: It would have to be my bike as I’m always on it. Being without it would mean I would have to walk everywhere and I never do that!

SHIOW: Who has most influenced your success?

AM: My team Redline BMX, as they have been really supportive and I’m very grateful for all their help.

SHIOW: The 7 Olympic and Paralympic values are respect, excellence, friendship, courage, inspiration, dedication and equality.  What do these words mean to you?

AM: These 7 words mean a lot to me, as all of these words describe what you should be and have to be the best you can be.

SHIOW: How has the Hampshire Talented Athlete Scheme helped you with your sport?

AM: HTAS has helped me a lot, the funding has got me to my races and paid for my equipment and kit. I am very grateful for the help and support HTAS has given me and would like to say a huge thanks for making my dreams and goals that little bit easier.

SHIOW: And finally, what words would you use to describe yourself?

AM: Dedicated, helpful, supportive, motivated, enthusiastic, determined, role model, team member, competitive, resourceful.     



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Sports Development Officer (Performance)
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