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Laura Edwards - Gymnastics

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Laura Edwards competes in artistic gymnastics at Dynamo School of Gymnastics. It has been a tough year for Laura as a stress fracture forced her to withdraw from Olympic selection.

SHIOW: Please can you tell us about some of your achievements?

LE: I reached the all around final at Commonwealth Games and won a silver medal. I came 3rd in the 2010 World Cup in Portugal and I was a member of the GB team for the World Championships in Tokyo in 2011.

SHIOW: What has been your biggest challenge?

LE: My biggest challenge has been that this year I suffered a stress fracture in my foot forcing me to withdraw from the Olympic selection process. It was extremely difficult to deal with and was hard to stay positive but I have had lots of rehab and recovery now on the way back.

SHIOW: What are your targets for the future?

LE: My next target is to become fit again and make the team for 2013 European and World Championships.

SHIOW: What is your favourite sporting moment?

LE: Winning the Commonwealth Games silver medal with my team and as a spectator watching the 2004 Olympic games in Athens.

SHIOW: What are your top tips for aspiring athletes?

LE: Don’t give up if you have a set back or you start to find it hard, push through you’ll get there in the end!

SHIOW: What one piece of kit, equipment or food / drink could you not live without?

My hand guards because they are so important when I do bars and it takes me a while to get into new ones.

SHIOW: Who is your sporting hero?

LE: My sporting hero is Nastia Luikin, as I love her style of gymnastics and her elegance.

SHIOW: Who has most influenced your success?

LE: Debbie and Mr R, my coaches are the main reason I am where I am today. Without them pushing me and helping me to succeed I wouldn’t have achieved any of the things I have.

SHIOW: Which 10 words best describe you?

LE: Small, sporty, friendly, dedicated, committed, organised, easy going, focused, determined and fun.

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