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Hampshire Talented Athlete Profiles

Sarah White, Diving

Sarah white Large Sarah White dives for Southampton Diving Academy where she specialises in the Platform. She was National Champion 2010 as an under 13 and is now ranked 3rd in the country at under 15.

SHIOW: What are  your most notable achievements?
SW: Being selected for the British Junior Team for 2011/2012, winning a silver medal at the 2012 Dresden Youth International and coming 6th in the 2012 European Junior Championship.

SHIOW: What are your targets for 2013?
SW: I want to move up to top 2 position for junior platform and be selected for the Dresden International and European Championships.

SHIOW: What has been your biggest challenge?
SW: Overcoming Osgood Schlatters Syndrome, which caused my knee to be very painful when I dived.

SHIOW: What is your favourite sporting moment?
SW: Winning the gold medal on platform in Junior National Championships 2010.

SHIOW: What are your top tips for aspiring athletes?
SW: Train hard in gym, don’t be scared of dives before you try them. Think they will be fun and they are.

SHIOW: What one piece of kit, equipment or food / drink could you not live without?
SW: My chammy (chamois leather). It helps dry me properly so I don’t slip out of dives (I chew on it when I am nervous).

SHIOW: Who is your sporting hero?
SW: Pandelela Rinong (Malaysian diver) because I want my dives to look like hers.

SHIOW: Who has most influenced your success?
SW: My coaches Lindsey and Xinde.

SHIOW: Which 10 words to best describe you?
Competitive, dedicated, determined, perfectionist, impatient, enthusiastic, sporty, lively, funny, friendly.

Nicola Wright
Sports Development Officer (Performance)
01962 845163

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