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Caragh McMurtry - Rowing

Caragh McMurty

Caragh (left)

It has been a busy year for rower Caragh McMurtry. She was part of the only Under 23 pair to race at the Olympic  trials, coming 6th place. She and her partner were then selected to race at the U23 World Championships in July, where they came 2nd. She has recently been training in the pair and eight for the Senior European Championship and has been approached about training in the senior squad this coming year. She also raced at Amsterdam International Regatta and came first in the senior pair and the U23 pair.

SHIOW: What has been your biggest challenge?

CM: Overcoming over-training syndrome. I was on my own, I didn't know what was happening, why I couldn't perform, and why I wasn't happy. I lost 19kg! I became severely depressed, I stopped rowing in 2010, but got over it. I crash gained a load of muscle and made it to the 2011 U23 World Championships. This year, I'm starting off healthy and plan on really showing what I can do!

SHIOW: What is your favourite sporting moment?

CM: When Rebecca Romero successfully transferred from rowing to cycling; winning international medals in both!!!

SHIOW: What are your top tips for aspiring athletes?

CM: Persevere through the tough times. Know that it will get better if you persevere. You will achieve your targets if you really want to, and if you work for it. I would also advise them to be sensible, recover well and train rationally and effectively.

SHIOW: What one piece of kit, equipment or food / drink could you not live without – and why?

CM: My HR monitor, because I like to know I'm training at the right intensity and that I'm fit and healthy. Also my iPod, because music can make long ergos or cross training sessions so much more enjoyable!

SHIOW: Who is your sporting hero?

CM: Kelly Holmes, because she never had it easy. She overcame so many obstacles and against all odds, quite late in her life (for an athlete with no real record or achievements), she succeeded in reaching her goals – getting the gold for Great Britain!!

SHIOW: Who has most influenced your success?

CM: My coach from Coalporters ARC. He had a job and a family, but still found time to come down and coach the children from the 'Oarsome Project'. He taught me determination, coastal grit and perseverance.

SHIOW: Which 10 words to best describe you?

CM: Determined, passionate, driven, relentless, compassionate, caring, loyal, creative, inquisitive and happy!!!

SHIOW: The 7 Olympic and Paralympic values are respect, excellence, friendship, courage, inspiration, dedication and equality.  What do these words mean to you?

CM: They are what it means to be an elite athlete. To succeed at the highest level, I believe you need to have all of these values.

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