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Hampshire Talented Athlete Profiles

Victoria Williams, Badminton

Victoria Williams for webViki Williams recently represented England in the Junior World Championships in Japan and has just been selected to represent Great Britain in the Youth Olympic Festival in Australia in January, which she has unfortunately had to turn down in order to prioritise her upcoming A-level exams. She aspires to the success of Gail Emms and loves her Dad’s well cooked roast potatoes with thick rich gravy!

SHIOW: What are your personal best performances?

VW: Winning the doubles title and coming runner up in the mixed event at the Langenfeld U17 International in August 2011. I was also runner up in European Championships (doubles) in November 2011.

In March this year I became National U17 Doubles Champion and in April I won the doubles title in the U17 6 Nations in Sweden.

I was a member of the England team who won the Danish Cup in October 2011, the first time England had won since 2005;

SHIOW: What are your targets for 2013?

VW: To become U19 National doubles champion and to be selected for U19 European Championships.

SHIOW: What has been your biggest challenge?

VW: trying to keep on track with my A-levels whilst missing many of my lessons and lots of study time due to my England commitments.

SHIOW: What is your favourite sporting moment?

VW: Standing on the podium at the U17 European Championships collecting my silver medal with my doubles partner Jenny. The thought that we were second in Europe was the best feeling I have ever had!

SHIOW: What are your top tips for aspiring athletes?

VW: Believe in yourself and your abilities. Never ever give up, even if you feel that there is no hope – you will regret it in the future.

SHIOW: What one piece of kit, equipment or food / drink could you not live without?

VW: I love my Dad’s well cooked roast potatoes with thick rich gravy! I look forward to these every Sunday and crave for them when I’m away on England duty. Perhaps my Dad could develop a roast potato and gravy business and I could help market them around Europe and beyond!  

SHIOW: Who is your sporting hero?

VW: Gail Emms because she was a fantastic role model for all aspiring female badminton players when she was competing. She was a great player performing at the highest level but always had and still does have time to talk to and coach players of my generation.

SHIOW: Who has most influenced your success?

VW: Gail Emms again. I saw what she achieved and the commitment she made; I want to equal and surpass her success.

SHIOW: The 7 Olympic and Paralympic values are respect, excellence, friendship, courage, inspiration, dedication and equality.  What do these words mean to you?

VW: They encompass everything I aspire to. I am a successful sportsperson but am also an extremely well balanced individual with many interests and friends outside of badminton. When training and competing I always try my hardest; this was recognised at the U15 6 Nations tournament where I won the ‘Fighter Trophy’ from among all the other European players. I have made many friends at badminton both at home and abroad and have respect for all those I play with and against.

SHIOW: Which 10 words best describe you?

VW: Friendly, hard working, dedicated, determined, well balanced, well organised, successful, modest, respectful of others, driven.

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