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The Southern Internal Audit Partnership

The Southern Internal Audit Partnership (SIAP)

The Southern Internal Audit Partnership brings together the professional discipline of internal audit across partnering organisations, pooling expertise and enabling a flexible, responsive and resilient service to our partner and client portfolio.

The partnership delivers an efficient and effective range of services supporting change during a period of dynamic transition within the public sector.

Our strengths:

  • Staff - high calibre, qualified and personable professionals dedicated to providing a quality modern, value adding service
  • Pooled expertise - including IT, Contracts, Procurement and Fraud specialisms
  • Resilience - to ensure the seamless delivery of an internal audit service that is responsive to our partners / clients needs
  • Capacity - to ensure the provision  of professionally trained staff with relevant experience in completion of the audit plan
  • Flexibility - to direct resources to meet the audit need
  • Quality - accredited ISO 9001, Quality Assurance and Improvement Programme, compliance with industry standards
  • Economies of scale- through training, procurement, IT and the many benefits that true partnership working offers