School Library Service


Hampshire School Library Service supports national and local initiatives by providing an advisory service to schools on all matters concerning library, literacy and resource-related issues.

We offer advice and practical support in the following areas:

  • Curriculum support
  • Literacy strategies, including information literacy and the promotion of reading
  • Evaluation of the library to link with the school's priorities
  • Library ICT advice and consultation
  • Library development planning
  • Post OFSTED support
  • New Head's briefings
  • Assessment of resource provision
  • Planning and designing libraries
  • Involvement with the recruitment of new library staff
  • Initial support for new library staff

As well as individual support in school, we offer training days for many of the areas outlined above.

The Hampshire SLS Moodle is our comprehensive online portal of support and advice for subscribers. Please contact us for a Moodle login.

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