Hampshire Information Book Award

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The Hampshire Information Book Award was piloted in 2013.

The judges are Year 4 pupils, and the shortlist is made up of 5 books chosen for their potential both to stimulate discussion and to reinforce the value of information books in the digital age.

Aims of the award are:

  • to promote the enjoyment of reading
  • to develop pupils’ appreciation of information books
  • to develop pupils’ critical abilities in assessing the creative work of printed text, using speaking and listening skills
  • to celebrate the value of information books in an electronic age
  • to develop skills enabling children to evaluate information sources
  • to develop pupils' confidence in information retrieval

2017 Shortlist

  • I Don't like Snakes by Nicola Davies Illustrated by Luciano Lozano
  • Amazing Universe by Philip Steele
  • Volcanoes: DK Find it Out! by Maria Gill
  • Epic Book of Epicness by Adam Frost - WINNER
  • Wild Adventures by Mick Manning and Brita Granstrom

Previous Winners

2017 - Epic Book of Epicness by Adam Frost

2016 - Predators by Paul Calver and Toby Reynolds

2015 - Lions by Sally Morgan

2014 - Weather by P Arlon and T Gordon-Harris

2013 - Fizzing Physics by Steve Parker