Southern Modular Building Framework

Why choose the Southern Modular Building Framework

The Framework has been established to provide public sector organisations with a process capable of providing legally compliant access to a carefully selected group of contractors specialising and experienced in the design, construction and installation of modular buildings and their associated infrastructure.

The Framework is open to the public sector in the southern region of England and is aligned with the area covered by Southern Construction Framework for major projects in the South East, South West & London.

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There are hire or buy options available in four Lots:-

Lots 1 and 2: - Short and Medium term Relocatable buildings and Standard Classrooms

Lots 3 and 4: - Any value bespoke permanent buildings using offsite construction

Clients may specify their own bespoke building design or layout requirements so can procure any type of building. Additionally, contractors have submitted prices for Standard Products which allow clients faster procurement or design development.

For more information please see the documents on this website or contact:-

Phone: 01962 845942



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