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Active Alton Buggy Workout

New mums wanting to get back in shape, meet other new mums and exercise with their baby can join one of three new Buggy Workout courses being supported by Alton Town Council.

The five-week courses will take place at Kings Pond in Alton and will be led by certified pre and post natal personal trainer Sophie Wells.

Buggy Workouts are tailor made exercise sessions which are a fun way of getting active with your baby or toddler behind the wheels of your buggy. The workout combines brisk walking with stretching and toning exercises and lots of fresh air. Starting on Tuesday 14th May, the hour-long sessions are designed for all levels of fitness and suitable for all buggies and pushchairs.

Community Sports Officer, Emily Sanderson said: "These classes are a wonderful way for new mums to get out and about and meet other new mums, while also helping them to improve their fitness levels and get good advice on post natal exercise. Getting people to become more active doesn’t mean they have to run a marathon or join a gym, there are plenty of enjoyable ways to exercise and socialise and this Active Buggy Workout is one of them."

There is a free taster opportunity as part of Alton's Walking Festival on Saturday 20 April at 4pm at Kings Pond so please book and try the workout for yourself.

People interested in joining the Active Buggy Workout courses or would like more information should contact Community Sports Officer, Emily Sanderson on 01420 83986 or email sports@alton.gov.uk

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