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Youth Group for British Tennis launched

A nationwide recruitment drive is underway to create a Youth Group for British tennis, which will play a key role in getting more young adults playing tennis.

The panel will be made up of people aged between 16 - 25 years old, and will work with the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) and the Tennis Foundation on the development of new offers and campaigns aimed at young people.

Members of the group will represent the interests of the young people in the sport at a national level, and will also decide which ideas and projects get financial support through a Youth Legacy Fund.

Cathie Sabin, LTA Deputy President and a Trustee of the Tennis Foundation, said: 'We're looking for people who love sport, and who think they can inspire more people to play tennis, to help us shape British tennis. They don't have to be good at the sport, and this is a great opportunity for anyone who's interested in making a difference to get involved.'

Members of the group will also get the chance to work at some of Britain's biggest tournaments, and to deliver events like the National Young Volunteers camps, and Student Tennis Conferences.

Charlotte Hill, CEO, UK Youth, said: 'This is a fantastic chance for any young person who is creative and enthusiastic to develop their skills and potentially build their own route into a career in sport. It's great that British tennis is looking to young people for their advice on making tennis a game for everyone.'

For more information and details of how to apply, please visit: http://www.lta.org.uk/youthgroup

The deadline to apply is Sunday 7 July 2013

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