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Alton Walking Festival

Alton's first walking festival, including accessible wheelchair friendly walk with treasure hunt.

From 20/04/2013 to 21/04/2013

Location: Various locations around Alton

All ages, abilities and tastes are catered for.Please wear footwear and clothing apporpriate for the walk and weather.

At Treloars there is a wheelchair friendly walk. This will include access to their sensory garden, their outdoor wheelchair training track and their horticultural garden. They will also be offering treasure hunt type questions with small prizes i.e. sweets, chocolates. The walk is on 20th April between 10.30am to 12pm and they will be offering teas and coffees and access to their refectory.

Contact name: Emily Sanderson

Email: sports@alton.gov.uk

Telephone No: 01420 83986

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