Stubbington Study Centre

Information for parents

The experience at Stubbington

" "Children take part in a variety of outdoor educational activities where they will learn about the local environment and the animals and plants in the grounds. There are many activities that encourage teamwork, and they will also develop independence skills as they learn how to be responsible and organise themselves.

We'll look after your child

All of our staff are DBS checked and are trained in safeguarding. Most of our education team are qualified and experienced Primary School teachers. Working closely with your child’s school staff, we aim to provide a happy, safe and supportive environment within which all children can enjoy and achieve whilst growing in confidence and independence.


A member of centre staff is on site 24hrs and always on call to help visiting school staff should the need arise. The site is covered by CCTV and our main gates are locked overnight. Access to buildings is controlled by keypad entry systems. Visitors wear ID badges and sign in/out at Reception.


Food and drink

Children are offered a range of foods from the weekly menu. See sample menu. Microsoft Word 28kB Children with specific dietary needs can be catered for.

Before your child’s visit, fill out the medical form which includes a section for dietary needs, which can usually be catered for by our kitchen staff.

Contact us if you wish to discuss specific dietary needs.



Children who are taken ill or injured during the day will be taken to the first aid room. During the day and into the evening, we have two Welfare Assistants who can administer basic first aid. Our medical form has a section about medicines.

If the Welfare Assistants feels that a child needs further medical attention, possibly a doctor, or is too ill to stay at the centre she will contact you. If a trip to the hospital is required, parents will need to collect their child and take them to be checked out further.

The dorm teacher will look after children if they become ill at night. This may be one of your child’s teachers, or a member of staff from another school. Centre staff will also be on call if teachers need extra assistance.


Accessibility and disability

We aim to ensure that all children are included in activities. If a child has a disability that limits their access to an activity we do our best to adapt.

We work closely with schools and parents to understand individual needs and how we can help to make their experience whole.

We can also offer alternative accommodation to children unable to access our dormitories.


Pocket money

We suggest up to £15 pocket money for the week. Our tuck shop sells sweets and drinks, as well as a wide range of souvenirs.

We also sell larger souvenirs such as sweatshirts and puppets. If you would like to purchase one of these, please print off and fill in a souvenir order form.

The order form, along with payment, should be brought in with your child's school and we will arrange handing out of these souvenirs during the week