Stubbington Study Centre


Our dormitories are friendly, safe, secure and comfortable.

The girls sleep in Drey and Warren dormitories, whilst the boys get their heads down in the Sett and Earth dormitories. A teacher is always close by in their own room, to be available for children at night if needed.

Each dormitory sleeps 26 children in bunks and two single beds and access to toilet and washing facilities. There team and individual showers. The facilities are fully supervised by centre and school staff to ensure the children’s safety.

Each bed has an adjoining wardrobe and bedside table.

Visiting staff, not sleeping in the dormitories, will be given a room in The Lodge. Each room provides a bed, with shower, toilet and sink facilities.

We provide all bed linen.


The Snuffle Hole

Dining room

This is the place to get great grub! We call our dining room 'The Snuffle Hole', can you find out why?

We provide four meals a day for the children so you'll have plenty of fuel for the day!

There is a great choice of foods to eat, so there will be something for everybody!

Meal times also offer a great chance to make new friends from another school and to chat about what's been going on that day.


Bunk beds in the dormitory