Stubbington Study Centre

What to bring

At Stubbington we love working outside so if you come to us for a week then be prepared to spend lots of your time outdoors. You need to make sure you bring the right clothing so you keep warm and dry particularly if it rains.

Here are the things you should bring

  • Stout walking shoes / boots / trainers (at least 2 pairs in case one pair gets wet)
  • Wellingtons
  • Extra socks and underclothing for a week
  • Anorak or warm coat
  • Gloves, hat, extra sweaters etc in colder times of the year
  • Sun hats and sun-cream in warmer times of the year
  • Pyjamas / night-dress & slippers
  • Soap/shower-gel, shampoo, flannel, toothbrush and toothpaste in a wash-bag
  • Shower cap (for girls)
  • Two distinctive towels
  • Games clothing

If you want to bring binoculars, cameras and torches you can but make sure they have your name on them and remember you will be responsible for looking after them.

Please do not bring any valuables such as mobile phones, jewellery, mp3 players or electronic games. just in case they get lost or broken.

A great idea is to write a packing list so that when you pack to go home at the end of your visit you can remember what you brought so you don’t forget anything!


Label your clothes

Please make sure you get someone at home to help you put your name all the clothes that you will be bringing.

Wellies and anoraks

If you haven’t got any wellies or an anorak, we will have some you can borrow.