Contacting us

Hampshire County Council shared services process invoices on behalf of:

  • sites owned and operated by Hampshire County Council
  • Hampshire Fire and Rescue
  • Hampshire Constabulary
  • Oxfordshire County Council
  • many schools in Hampshire
  1. Have you got a purchase order (PO)?
    Have your purchase order number ready when you raise an enquiry.

    Contact the person who requested the product or service from you. If they are from a site owned and operated by Hampshire County Council, Hampshire Fire and Rescue, Hampshire Constabulary, Oxfordshire County Council or one of the schools we manage invoices for, you will need to have a purchase order before we can make payment.

  2. Is the billing address on the purchase order the HCC Processing Centre?
    Please have the date and method that you sent the invoice ready when you raise your enquiry.

    If the billing address on the purchase order is not the HCC Processing Centre then please use the contact details on the purchase order to raise your enquiry. We are unable to answer queries for organisations that we do not manage invoices for.

  3. Did you submit your invoice more than 30 days ago?
    If you have not received payment for an invoice submitted more than 30 days ago raise an online enquiry giving the following information: invoice number, purchase order number, how you submitted your invoice and when and where you sent your invoice.

    Standard payment terms are 30 days unless otherwise stated in your contract. Please do not raise an enquiry before the payment terms have lapsed.

A case reference number is issued following submission of one of the forms above.

If you have not received a response within 5 days please telephone 0300 555 0223. Please ensure you have your case reference number ready.