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Merton Rise: further information

Merton Rise development

Merton Rise is a major development area which HCC are selling in phases and promoting a higher level sustainability than required under the current planning system.  It will comprise about 950 high quality contemporary dwellings (including the pathfinder eco development Parcel 2d) together with the recently completed Everest Community College (link to the case study).  It also includes a proposed Neighbourhood Centre and business area and will all be served by a series of public open spaces.

Some of the sustainable measures incorporated include –

  • Sustainable Urban Drainage system constructed to serve the whole site

  • Cycleways/footpaths and a bus link are being built to help reduce car dependency

  • Extensive planting to strengthen hedgerows to encourage bio diversity

  • Local park and play areas to encourage safe areas for children located in close proximity to their homes

  • The on site facilities will help reduce the need for car travel to other parts of Basingstoke

  • The development will have a mix of tenures including affordable rented, private rented, shared equity and private sale which will help ensure a balanced community.

Merton Rise, and in particular the exemplar eco development (Parcel 2d), will be monitored and analysed following completion to assist future sustainable development.