Think Sustainability

Minstead Study Centre

Children at Minstead playing with the stone maze

The fabulous 7 acre site has been developed to inspire outdoor learning in numerous magical gardens which celebrate the natural world and its biodiversity.

Some of the key sustainability achievements at the Centre include:

  • The award winning Eco Dormitory makes visible use of sustainable building technology using local materials wherever possible in its construction.

  • Water and energy reduction is encouraged and monitored by children using meters.

  • Healthy eating is encouraged, introducing children to home grown organic food and getting them involved in its production, preparation and aspects of recycling it back into the environment to help produce their next meal.

  • A full recycling programme has resulted in a 50% reduction in waste, all on site food waste is composted.

  • Choosing local, recycled and environmentally-friendly products.

  • There is a large vegetable garden on site, with sheep, chickens and bees which illustrate food provenance and issues of animal welfare.

  • Reducing emissions from transport by encouraging walking and cycling as we dispensed with our minibus several years ago.

  • The Centre is a model of global citizenship celebrating cultural differences through stories and craft work.

  • There is an extensive programme for community activities

  • The Centre takes an active role in promoting sustainability across Hampshire and has been involved in a number of advisory projects.

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