Think Sustainability

Minstead Study Centre

Minstead Study Centre is a magical place where children can learn a lot about themselves and their relationship with the environment and will hopefully leave with an inspirational memory that will stay with them for many years to follow.  Activities are focused on engaging pupils and helping them learn and understand the principles of the environment in which they live. There is also an active outreach programme encouraging more schools to integrate sustainability into the heart of their planning.

Part of the new sustainable building at Minstead

The healthy eating programme encourages children to be involved in all aspects of the programme from tending the garden, picking food, thinking about preparing meals, eating them and then composting the waste. At the end of each meal any leftover food is weighed and recorded on the ‘Waste-Watchers’ chart to encourage the children to finish their meal and waste less than their friends!

Sustainable building: Rain water harvesting, solar water heating , paper pulp insulation and hopefully soon woodburning from local coppice will be used at The Centre to reduce its carbon footprint still further by minimizing the consumption of fossil fuels.