Think Sustainability

Everyday during the school term thousands of pupils in Hampshire travel to and from school. There is an increasing trend in the UK for these trips to be made by car which is contributing to numerous environmental, road safety and health problems.

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The Government is therefore encouraging schools to work with their communities and local authorities to identify and resolve the barriers preventing children and others from walking, cycling or taking the bus to school.

Hampshire County Council has been actively involved in school travel planning for a number of years and aims to offer help and support to schools in the county to develop a sustainable school travel plan.

A School Travel Plan is produced by the whole school community and funding is available to implement measures identified in approved travel plans.  Advice is available from the Safer Routes to School engineer on practical solutions to problems such as including cycle racks and improved signage and lining outside school. Some rural schools have also used the funding for improved lighting as leaving after-school clubs in winter can feel unsafe when the route is unlit.

For more information contact the School Travel Planning Team on 01962 857454 or email, or visit the website at

For more information on school travel plans and where to go for help, please follow this link.